Hendersonville, NC


Chiropractic Care in Hendersonville, NC

Whether you're suffering from back, neck, or shoulder pain, you'll want to get chiropractic care to address it. Humiston Family Chiropractic offers a variety of services, including holistic, pediatric, and pregnancy chiropractic treatments. Clients in Hendersonville, NC, can benefit from:

  • Our personalized therapeutic treatments
  • The help of our friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Our reasonable prices

Our flexible hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 7:30am - 5:30pm, and Tuesday, 9:00am - 12:00pm; we can also set up appointments on Fridays. We're fully licensed and insured as well as a member of the North Carolina Chiropractic Association. From 2013 to 2014, we were a Heath Network Solutions council member. We're up-front with our fees and able to address any concerns about our prices.

Humiston Family Chiropractic is a family-owned and -operated company. Many people in Henderson County might benefit from our chiropractic care, so give us a call today to learn more about our work.


More hands on knowledge to help my patients.

2016 Spring Chiropractic Conference at the beautiful Grove Park Inn. Learning and furthering my education thereby adding to my "technique toolbox". This furthers my confidence in helping the people of Henderson County and surrounding counties, who come to Humiston Family Chiropractic.